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🇨🇭 /// 20 /// student BSc Computational Science and Engineering @ ETHZ /// founder of virtualalpha ///

Curriculum Vitae

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A interactive simulation player for the Covid-19 pandemic. It allows studying different mitigation strategies based on combinations of social distancing and smart-testing with subsequent isolation


VirtualAlpha is a fully featured virtual portfolio management education software for schools and higher education institutions.


Teilnahme an der internationalen Wirtschaftsolympiade 2020


Petition gegen die Durchführung der Maturitätsprüfungen im Jahr 2020 (im Kanton SG und schweizweit).

Matura thesis

Discovering the exploitability of social media platforms.

SJF Spacecat

A SYiS-project by Casimir Nüsperling, Raphael Zumbrunn & Dario Ackermann
Supervised by Claudio Seitz, Michael Roth, Semjon Buzdin
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

Philosophie-Olymipade 2019

Bronze-Medaille im nationalen Finale.

SJF Image Mosaicing

A SJF-project by Julia Gschwind, Pascal Burkhard & Dario Ackermann Supervised by Adrian Wälchli, CVG, University of Bern


Other / various projects